Specialist Treament for Sexual Offenders


The NHS has very limited services available to help both offenders as well as survivors of sexual abuse. Most therapists are not trained nor do they want to work with people who have, or might, commit sexual offences. I am an Accredited Psychosexual Therapist trained to provide specialist therapy for both sexual offenders as well as the survivors of sexual abuse.


I joined and trained with StopSo (Specialist Treatment Organisation for Perpetrators and Survivors of Sexual Offending) in 2014, when the organization was in its infancy.  Having completed their core training, I continued to widen my knowledge in this field with other StopSo courses as well as courses in more advanced topics in sexual offending (sexual violence risk and assessment, sexual offending and the criminal justice system, post sentence management etc).


I work with those at risk acting on their inappropriate thoughts, non-offending paedophiles, those cautioned, charged or convicted with a sexual offence, or in fear of re-offending as well as their partners, families and survivors.

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